DIY Modular Synth Case: Power Distribution

Morocco Dave

So, I’m building a case for my home-made modular synth. Not this case, which I made just a couple of months ago when I was first dabbling in DIY electronics. Oh no, I’ve outgrown that one already. I’ll be keeping it, though, as a test frame for the workbench.

No, I’m talking about this case:

13U x 2 row modular case

2 rows of modules, each row 13U wide. So, potentially, 26 x 1U modules.

Believe it or not, I’ve already got 17U in the build process… so this one’s probably going to fill up pretty fast, too.

At the moment I’m waiting on parts in order to get this build moving – I’m having a whole bunch of blank aluminium module panels laser-cut , and until they arrive I can’t see the tolerances in the cutting process. Which means I can’t finalise dimensions for the frame they’ll mount into. Which means I can’t finalise dimensions…

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