DIY Modular Synth: MIDI Distribution

Morocco Dave

Let me put this out there at the very beginning of this post, just so that we’re all clear:

I’m not an analog purist. I quite like digital noises, too.

There, I’ve said it. Still with me? Good.

I fully intend for my DIY modular system to contain both analog and digital elements; if it sounds good and/or it’s easy to work with and especially if it’s a cheap build, it’s in. As a result, I have a plan to produce a couple of very quick-and-lo-fi synth voice and drum modules based on Arduino. They take MIDI rather than CV as their main control (although I will be adding CV mod inputs to them). So, I need a sensible way of getting MIDI around my case, preferably without having tons of MIDI sockets all over the place.

To solve this, I turned to a project I’ve already built – a simple…

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