DIY Modular Synth: MiniMoog Filter Clone

Morocco Dave

This was the first synth module I built. It’s been a long road; it’s been on a “temporary” panel in a “temporary” case since I first got it working. Today, I mounted the parts onto an aluminium panel; it’s finished.

IMG_6735The module itself is one of Yves Usson’s awesome designs. For those of you familiar with the superb Arturia MiniBrute analog synth – Yves is the man who co-created it with Arturia. It really does have a warmth and depth that is surprisingly close to the original MiniMoog VCF. As this was my first module, I bought a kit and a ready-made PCB in order to get me going. I learnt a lot building this module, all of which gave me the confidence to tackle further projects with my own strip-board layouts and sourcing components straight from a bill-of-materials.

IMG_6757The kit came from Soundtronics, who are just a…

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