DIY Modular Synth: Making Module Panels

Morocco Dave

As you’ll have seen from some of my recent posts, I’ve recently taken to making my modular panels out of aluminium. This post describes the process that I go through to make each one.

Finding the best approach

By far the best approach to making good-looking, durable and accurate panels for your DIY modular is to get someone else with good precision engineering skills to do it for you. However, this method will come with drawbacks:

  • You may well have to pay for the work, and you won’t have control of the cost
  • If you don’t have to pay for it, you may have to wait for results, effectively putting your build schedule into someone else’s control
  • You’ll probably have to develop a whole bunch of extra skills around CAD drawing; effectively, you’re trading acquiring one set of skills (making) for another (describing what you want to make)
  • Where’s the…

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