When I was a child men went to the Moon. Growing up, my peers and I were nourished, sustained and driven by the absolute certainty that in our lifetimes we’d travel there ourselves, perhaps even live and work there.

Everything seemed possible. Anything felt achievable.

The music that I make tries to evoke that time of wonder, and the seemingly boundless enterprise and energy of the human species that, all too briefly, we held in our hands. It deliberately echoes what, back then, we thought the future would sound and feel like.

I know that need, that expansive urge, is still there within us. Our institutions, our politics, our short-sighted consumerist civilisation tries to divert and suppress it (there are no consumers or ad agencies on the Moon, after all) but it’s still there. Who wouldn’t Take The Moon if they thought they could?

Let’s do it.

Let’s Take The Moon.